The New Space Exploration Technology Aboard the 2020 Mars Rover. Finding Buried Aliens?


Space Exploration Technology ( Tek-THinK ) – The latest design for the 2020 MARS ROVER includes 7 instruments that taken independently are really cool. This ROVER however has been designed by NASA engineers to maximize the scientific capability of the entire unit. Each of the 7 major instruments have been designed and tuned to interact and support the capabilities of the other 6 devices.

Here are some of the instruments that are on-board.

1 – Supercam. – Building on the technology found on the current rover Supercam’s laser vaporizes rock or soil samples and analyzes the resulting gases to identify the composition. It can also detect mineral composition and organic compounds. This will aid in the search for life on the red planet.

2- Moxie. This system is a solid oxide fuel cell running the reaction in reverse taking the planets atmosphere of CO2 and converting it into O2 or as we like to call it oxygen.

3- A Spanish weather station that beside determining temperature and atmospheric conditions can report on the effectiveness of Moxie in making O2.

4- RIMFAX – This is a ground penetrating radar system will reveal buried structure up to 1/2 a kilometer underground.

5- SHERLOCK – A ultraviolet sensor system that is also capable of detecting organics.

I can hardly wait to see what this finds when it finally starts crawling across the surface of mars in 2020.