Making and Using 3D Printed Parts in Nissan SuperCross Race Cars


3D printing for Race Car Parts  ( )

One of the hottest manufacturing processes in many industries these days is 3D printing. Many manufacturing companies large and small are eagerly hoping that this new technology will give them the edge that they need in today’s highly competitive world.


Nissan has partnered with the a 3D printing company, Evoke 3D whose has located in the racing technology center. Many of the 3D printed parts from this partnership appear on the Nissan Altima supercross cars in competition. The parts include components on the driver cooling system and various other components through out the car. The technology is also used for making components for research and development purposes before launching into full scale production.

Perry Kapper the Design Manager for Nissan Motorsport had this to say:

The important thing is to be able to produce parts really quickly and to be able to check the fitment on a car and then continue with the actual manufacturing process, so actual parts we produce go on the car.

Enjoy the video and the implications for the world of today and tomorrow.