All Electric 2 Passenger Helicopter Takes Flight


Electric 2 Passenger Helicopter (

The evolution of electric transportation is moving at a rapid pace. Now a team in Germany has taken on the task of designing an electric helicopter. It is the e-volo green helicopter touted as the first electric passenger helicopter. The team’s vision is to make the world’s safest sports aircraft.

This video documents the first flight of the VC200 Volocopter by the team in Germany. The company proved the concept in 2011 with the VC1 demonstrator. below:

electric helicopter

Over the last 2 years engineers have proved the technology further with the advent of the VC200.

In the video you will see the team reassemble the VC200 for the first flight from about a dozen pieces. The helicopter has very few moving parts other than the 18 rotors that keep it in the air so it will likely require very little maintenance.

Enjoy the video and the technology.