Virtual Reality Technology Moves Ahead, But Are We Ready For It?


Virtual Reality Technology ( TeK-THinK)

There is pretty cool research going on for virtual reality at universities all over the world. Here is a video from the brains at Stanford University in California showing the latest in virtual reality technology.

Lets try something new, here is one of the more interesting viewers comments. Enjoy the Video


Hmm I was expecting someone to maybe talk about the bad effects virtual reality could have on a human being. No one seems to talk about this at all, but I imagine something like virtual reality could be quite harmful for a child growing up. Not in the overly paranoid sense of “oh no my child is playing violent games he’s going to be a murderer”, but rather, what if they struggled to distinguish between actual reality and a virtual one? The same thing could happen to an adult as well. Do we need to go as far as to ensure that certain senses such as smell and taste never become part of the virtual reality experience in an attempt to use them as an anchor in actual reality?