Hexoskin Smart Sports Clothing Can Send Your Workout Data to Social Media


Hexoskin Smart Sports Clothing ( TeK-THinK) – There are many different manufacturers of smart watches trying to win the market with web access, calendar alarms, biosensing and oh yes the time of day. I myself have a fitbit that records my activity as step or miles per day and if I was to actually tell it what I ate everyday it would tell me if I am burning enough calories to make up for my eating habits. ( my secret). 

Now this biometric technology has been taken to a new level with smart sports clothing such as Hexoskin. ( If Hexoskin wants to send me a sample to try I would be happy to personally review it or maybe I will just hint that I want one for christmas).

Anyway, the Hexoskin product has 3 levels of biosensing.

1- Heart rate

2- Chest and waist breathing sensors

3- 3D activity sensors

The data records as long as you wear the shirt all day and all night if you wish. The data can be exported to the web or just your smart phone. I am not sure this something that I would want to sent to twitter or facebook. Either way this is a cool way to stay fit. It is machine washable which is good right?

Enjoy. Here is the link to Hexoskin