Have Scientists Discovered the Secret to Reversing Aging?

The Secret to Reversing Aging – ( TeK-THinK)

Throughout history, mankind has set a huge number of goals. Some of them were reached while others were deemed unrealistic. One of the most intense desires of every human being is to achieve immortality or, at least, a really long life. How close are we to achieving the biggest scientific breakthrough the world has ever seen?

University of Tsukuba finds the secret to aging

University of Tsukuba finds the secret to aging

Reversing aging procedures is a subject of study for numerous research teams. Molecular biology, genetic engineering and many other scientific fields are trying to decrypt the extremely complex aging process, even in the simplest forms of life. Many theories have emerged in the past few years, but a team of scientists from the University of Tsukuba, Japan have moved one step closer to this inconceivable target. But first, let’s take a look at the history of this theory and how the Japanese pioneers managed to improve it by a huge factor.

The original theory suggested that aging is caused by various mutations that occur in the mitochondrial DNA and accumulate over time. These mutations were, then, believed to cause damage in the DNA sequence of the organism. However, the Tsukuba team proved this theory wrong by performing one really simple comparison.

Have scientist found the secret to stop aging

Have scientist found the secret to stop aging

They examined the status of mitochondria in fibroblast cells taken from two separate teams of people. The first team included very young people (from infants up to 12 years old) while the second one contained elderly people ranging from 80 to 97 years old. What the team noticed was that, even the energy production inside the mitochondria was indeed reduced, the DNA inside the cells did not have any significant differences between the two teams. There was only one interpretation of that result. The initial theory was wrong, and it now seemed that the aging of the mitochondria was caused by some external (outside the cell) reason.

So, the scientists came up with a new theory. The next suspect for the triggering of the aging process is the state of genes. It is common knowledge that both the activation and deactivation of genes do not affect the DNA sequence of any cell. So, there has to be a reason for which genes are forced to turn off, thus enabling the cells to start getting older and weaker.

Through extensive research and the priceless help of the gene mapping, it was discovered that two genes, named CGAT and SHMT2, cease the production of glycine inside the cell, and this is when the aging begins. If that theory is correct, restarting the production of glycine in old cells should improve their energy production capability greatly, maybe even return it to its initial level.

So, scientists, once again, used a different sample of the aforementioned fibroblast cells and, through genetic engineering, they managed to reconstruct them and bring them to an embryonic state. The results were unbelievable. Their energy production rate returned to the levels of samples taken by infants.

The Tsukuba team succeeded in taking a giant step towards a miracle that will, literally, force us to reconsider everything we know about medicine and biology. We found the amino acid we were looking for, the next challenge is to regulate its production. One can only imagine the stunning results of such an advancement.

Source University of Tsukuba