All Electric Tesla Model S Family Car Versus Lamborghini Aventador


Maybe Not a Fair Test for the All Electric Tesla Model S Family Car.

For all the praise and accolades that the Tesla Model S has gotten as a family car/daily driver, most people still believe that it can beat out super-cars like the Lamborghini Aventador which use an internal combustion engine.

Tesla Model S P85D vs Lamborghini Aventador Race

Tesla Model S P85D vs Lamborghini Aventador Race

Allen Wong, a developer who made it big with his ‘5-0 Radio Police Scanner’ app, recently bought a Tesla Model S P85D and decided to race it against his Lamborghini Aventador. The video he took of the whole race (which he also uploaded on Youtube) shows how foolish the notion of racing a Tesla Model S versus any supercar using an internal combustion engine really is even if their engines have the same horsepower rating.

The Tesla Model S P85D

When it comes to current Model S versions, the P85D is considered the fastest and the most powerful. Like the 85D, it has an 85 kWh lithium-ion battery but instead of powering its two AC induction motors (the 85D only has one). Both these motors combine to give the P85D a total of 691 horsepower as well as a maximum speed of 155 mph. However, due to the two motors the car now has a reduced range of 253 miles (down from the regular 85D’s 270 mile range). The car actually has more than adequate specs and if it went up against a Civic or Corolla then there’s no doubt it would leave those cars behind.

Lamborghini’s Aventador

Unfortunately, the P85D had to face off against the Lamborghini Aventador. This beastly supercar has a powerful V12 engine that can generate 700 horsepower and exert a maximum 507 lbft of torque. Additionally, this supercar has a carbon fiber body with a carbon fiber monocoque that features aluminum frames on the front and rear to make it more aerodynamic. As a result of its design and powerful engine, the Aventador can easily accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and achieve top speeds of 217 mph. Simply said, the Aventador is a car that’s specially made for people who have a need for speed unlike the Model S which was mainly designed as a luxury family sedan.

Winning by a Wide Margin

Based on the specifications listed above, which of the two cars do you think came out on top in the Tesla Model S versus Lamborghini Aventador video that Allen Wong uploaded to his Youtube channel? If you chose the Aventador then you’re right. Initially it was the P85D that took a commanding lead owing to its almost instantaneous acceleration. But then the Lamborghini began accelerating faster when both cars’ speeds were at 80mph and it eventually went past the Model S to win the race convincingly. Although both cars’ engines can generate almost the same amount of horsepower, the Aventador won out because of its aerodynamic frame and lighter weight (1.5 tons compared to the Model S P85D’s 1.8 tons).

Will Electric Cars Ever Beat Super-cars in a Race?

The Tesla Model S versus Lamborghini Aventador race was lopsided and not really representative of what electric cars can do. Even with Tesla’s breakthroughs with its lithium-ion batteries, the fact of the matter is that the technology for making electric cars is still in its infancy. Making a performance EV at this point is possible but the resources and manpower that a company can use for that would be better off allocated for further research and development. What’s the use of an electric car that can hit 250 mph on the road yet can only go as far as a 100 miles on a full charge? If a means to effectively increase battery life and decrease charging times is found then we might see super-cars like the Aventador sporting electric motors in the future.