The Evacuated Collector Tube, Stand Alone Solar Water Heater


Evacuated Collector Tube Technology is Very Mature.

Keeping heated water for showering during the winter can be expensive, hence the introduction of evacuated tubes which works as standalone solar water heaters. These products are currently available in many stores, backed up by solid technology and routinely being used by homeowners to lower their yearly cash outlay when it comes to energy.

Evacuated Tube

The evacuated tube solar hot water collector is a very reliable technology

The evacuated tube solar hot water collector is a very reliable technology

The Evacuated Tube doesn’t take up a large amount of space. It’s small enough that you can fit two to three of these standalone products in a typical-sized parking space.

As the name suggests, the device is comprised mainly of tubes. Imagine a typical fluorescent bulb with a tougher exterior. Each tube is deprived of air, creating a vacuum that contributes to the absorption and retention of solar power. Inside the tube are copper heat pipe and an aluminum absorber.

A tank is also attached to the device where hot water is consistently kept. This is where you’ll be connecting the pipe to the plumbing of the house.

How it Works

The insulated hotwater lines from the solar thermal collector

The insulated hot-water lines from the solar thermal collector

The tube works much like a solar panel but with better absorption power due to the circular shape of the tubes. This makes it possible for the tubes to collect power from all possible angles of the sun during the day, especially during ambient weather.

Upon collection, the evacuated tube works pretty much the same way as a solar panel. The collected power is utilized to commence heating of the water. The continuous solar accumulation-power production results to a perpetually heated supply of water.




Why Is This Better?

There are currently several methods used to produce hot water with a few of them relying on renewable energy. The Evacuated Tube however is often preferred by most for the following reasons:

* The tube design allows for: (1) continuous absorption of solar power even during cloudy days, (2) better retention of power for long periods of time.

* The tubes themselves can be individually removed. This makes it possible for you to just change one part when one of them fails to work. This prevents the need to replace the whole machine if one of the parts trip.

* The setup of the Evacuated Tube makes it possible for air to pass through the gaps. This makes the standalone device more wind-resistant – perfect for farms or large areas that often suffer from high winds.

* The tubes are built for cold water. The interior contains no water, therefore resisting freezing and cracking temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

The use of renewable energy often qualifies citizens of the United States for tax rebates. As it stands, the Evacuated Tube will pay for itself in savings and tax rebates in 2 to 3 years with each machine often covered by a 5 to 10 year warranty.

During summer days, the Evacuated Tube can easily supply all your hot water needs without the need for supplementation. During winter however, electrical or LP supplement might become necessary, but not in the same level as before. Essentially, the Evacuated Tube will cut your hot water bill by as much as 50% even during winter.