The 19th Running of the RoboCup Challenge in Hefei City, East China


The RoboCup Challenge Brings TeK Fans From All Over the World.

The RoboCup challenge is an international competition for show casing robot designs and innovations. It was held in Hefei City, East China. The competition officially opened on July 19 of this year. The event incorporated teams from 47 countries with more than 300 teams participating.

The competition’s theme had three main agendas: rescue robots, service robots and robot football. The opening ceremony was quite special. This is because the two banners at the opening ceremony were held by drones. A robot also conducted the interpretation at the opening ceremony.

This robotic soccer player falls over while trying to kick

This robotic soccer player falls over while trying to kick

Aim of the RoboCup Competition

The entire competition was intended to provide a platform for robot developers to exchange ideas and information on the latest trends shaping the robot industry. It was intended that top-notch robotics researchers, engineers and students would use the opportunity to learn from each other and help to further develop robotic technology.

There is a lot of falling over in this robotic soccer match

There is a lot of falling over in this robotic soccer match

“Speaking from the perspective of industrialization, as there are so many excellent technologies displayed here and also so many enterprises coming to hold exhibitions and visit, they can easily launch negotiations and co-operation here,” said Chen Xiaoping, general president of the Chinese committee of RoboCup. The annual event is seen by experts in the field of robotics as a channel of promoting the development and design of machine capable of carrying complex human tasks. The machines operate autonomously and play soccer quite awkwardly, tripping and falling constantly.

The participants take part in eight different divisions, which are classified according to various categories such as weight, or the hardware it is made of. However, it the larger size robot categories, teams are only able to come up with a single robot for each match. Thus, the competition is more like a penalty shootout than it is a soccer match. The cost of developing a single robot is between $50,000 and $100,000. There have been a few surprises in the competition’s 19-year history. The republic of Iran has emerged as a surprise serious contender over the years. The nation even had the honor of hosting the competition last year.

The competition also includes a simulation league where the teams do not have to maintain any physical hardware. At this event, various artificial intelligence soft wares take part in a gruelling match that tests their programming and provides an opportunity to improve on it. This is in line with the competition’s vision of promoting AI development that could one day revolutionize human societies. There is also the small size division which aims at testing the ability of robots to engage in problem solving activity that requires cooperation in a shifting environment.


Movement is a major issue in care robots. Getting the necessary programming that interacts successfully with moving parts is crucial to the future of robots. The RoboCup event is and will continue to be an event of great significance to the future of care robots. Perhaps, dangerous mission like rescuing people from danger zones such as burning will be done more efficiently with the help of robots. This would also eliminate the need for risking human lives to save human lives. That revolution has already began with the annual RoboCup event.