New Social Network Nusiki is the Twitter for Music

New Social Network Nusiki for Music Lovers.

Music is mostly a social experience. I mean listening to music alone is great but listening with a group of friends is better. Sharing your favorite music with your friends has always been part of the human experience of music.

In keeping with the human desire for social music sharing, there is a new social network that has been described ” the twitter for music” and it is called Nusiki. The site starts you off with a few fake friends so you can get used to the features and then you can invite or find people to share with.

The story goes that Nusiki was started in Chicago in January of 2014 by music fanatics Tim Welch and Ben Hewitt who realized that there was no good way to digitally facilitate the conversations about music they were already having. In order to solve this problem, they assembled a team to build a platform that could give people access to all of their favorite music, and connect them with all of their favorite people.