Electric Car Companies Also Need to Produce Reliable Vehicles!


Electric Car Companies Need to Pay Attention to Reliability.

In just a few short years, Tesla Motors has grown literally from nothing to one of the most famous car companies in the world. Pretty much everyone has heard of Tesla and many people aspire to buy one their all electric cars.

Consumer Reports Takes the Tesla Miodel S off the recommended list

Consumer Reports Takes the Tesla Model S off the recommended list

Performance is not an issue as electric cars a faster than their gasoline counterparts and multiple motor design allows for enhanced driver experience with the handling capabilities.

Consumer Reports Surveyed 1500 Model S Owners

Consumer Reports Surveyed 1500 Model S Owners

But how about reliability? The popularity of these cars is growing and Tesla plans new models including the Model X SUV and another that are less expensive with a goal of half a million cars on the road by 2020. This means they need to make a car that is at least as reliable as the average gasoline engine car, right? ( I shudder to think about the things that can go wrong with that gull wing door design on the Model X.Mark my words this will be a problem.)

The Tesla Model X SUV Cannot Afford to have Reliability Issues

The Tesla Model X SUV Cannot Afford to have Reliability Issues

This is exactly what Consumer reports thinks as well but this is not what they found when they tested the Model S and surveyed 1500 owners from the last 3 years models. They found many problems over the last 3 years and that the number of problems is increasing. So many problems in fact that CR refused to give them there a recommendation.

They did find that Tesla’s service organization is doing a very good job of making customers happy when repairs are needed, but what will happen when these problems continue to increase and the number of repairs needed increases? I would not be happy to pay over $100,000 just to have the sunroof leak or require a motor change and I doubt consumers will be for long either.

Tesla needs to move beyond the prototype thinking that they have and focus on component and process capability to ensure that they do not fail with one of the best opportunities to succeed in a long time. Come on Tesla, please don’t screw this up!