How to Build an Arcade Game in Your Garage


Learn How to Build an Arcade Game.

Arcade games have come a long way since the 1980’s with touch screens and incredible graphics but those of us that grew up with the original first generation machines there is something nostalgic about games like Galactic and Super Mario Brothers. There is no way you will find these games in a shopping center arcade as these days are gone.

Video instruction of how to build an Arcade Game

Video instruction of how to build an Arcade Game


Well, not necessarily. On Ebay, you can still buy the old games and machines that used to attach to rather bulky tube displays ( they looked a lot like a tv did back then).If you really wanted to, you could build a arcade type module around an old game set, find a cheap old tube tv and make a nostalgic arcade unit for your garage or basement.

You may not want to return to yesterday this badly but some people do. Here is a time lapse video of a guy actually building one. Enjoy,