Has Amazon Left the Barn Door Open?

Ecommerce is quickly becoming the dominant form of global commerce as people discover the convenience and ease of ordering goods and services on-line from where ever they happen to be. I started with ecommerce in the early days using Ebay, which due to its buyer and seller rating system made be feel secure that what I was buying was what I wanted and expected. Later I became a seller on Ebay.

Today, I use sites such as Amazon and others to purchase most things through the year and for the holidays. We have even purchased an oven online and had it direct shipped to the house. I always look at customer reviews before I buy anything online. I also look to see if there are a lot of reviews and if they are all great or if some are bad. Then I go look at why they were given a bad rating.

In the case of Ebay, you have to have been a recorded buyer or seller to leave a review. This is what makes the system work. For a site like Amazon anyone can register say that they bought the product or service and write a review. This in my opinion, leaves the barn door open.

Now, there are services you can buy for people to write great reviews about your product when they have never even seen it. Amazon has recently announced that they are taking 1000 of these writers to court over false reviews. Amazon has also opened the door to individuals to become sellers on Amazon of goods that they buy elsewhere or have made somewhere. Amazon makes money when these sellers sell goods on Amazon. If goods or services have good reviews, more is sold. You see the connection right?

If Amazon was really interested in closing the barn door, why not implement the same controls as say Ebay? Just something to think about.