Google Takes to the Air with Project Loon for India and Indonesia


Project Loon May Be Just That, Looney!

First Facebook and now Google have plans to provide internet services to areas that are very remote and without phone or cable lines. So how exactly do you do this? Beam the signals from a satellite hanging over the area from space? Actually no they have other possibilities in mind.

What if hot air balloons where launched and kept at an altitude where you could transmit the internet signal to a large area? The transmitters could be wind or solar powered from the ground as they would be tethered in place. An array of balloons  ( is array the right term here?), could cover a large area but off course they cannot stay in the air forever and a team of well trained technicians would be needed to keep the system up and running. ( sorry for the pun). Google has named the idea, project Loon.

Well now we have news out of India that Google has received approval to give the balloon idea a try. It is reported that  each balloon can provide connectivity to a ground area about 40 km in diameter using a wireless communications technology called LTE or 4G.

Project Loon to provide internet to 100 million people in Indonesia

Project Loon to provide internet to 100 million people in Indonesia

This news follows on the heels of recent announcements that Project Loon will also soon be broadcasting from balloons to areas of Indonesia. This project does not have small goals, as the projected audience in Indonesia alone is 100 million people!

There is a rumor that Google had plans to transmit internet on ground using 8 big solar powered drones, but that has not been cleared by government yet.