Using Your Knowledge of Physics to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth


A Knowledge of Physics Changes How We View the World.

One of the first basic math formulas that you learn in a beginner science class is the one that describes the relationship between temperature,pressure and volume of a gas such as air or oxygen. Basically as the temperature increases for a given volume of gas that is not changing ( like in a bottle) the pressure of the gases also rises.

How pressure volume and temperture are related

How pressure volume and temperature are related

This basic but fundamental equation of PV=nRT describes everything from how balloons work to how clouds are formed. In this experiment Physics girls shows her knowledge of the physics involved to make a cloud form in her mouth.

Physics girls shows how to make a cloud in your mouth

Physics girls shows how to make a cloud in your mouth

Understanding the laws of physics allows us to use what we know to do something we need or to make something that in some way makes out life better.

Now is a very good time to teach your kids some physics.