A Smart Helmet Using Augmented Reality and Fast Computing Power


The High Technology Smart Helmet.

Augmented reality is defined as a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Sounds cool right, but when will we see it in products that we can buy and enjoy?

Well imagine for a minute that you could buy a helmet to replace your snowboarding, riding or motorcycle helmet that features a variably transparent visor glass? On the inside are displays showing video from cameras located at different points on the outside. The real world video is augmented with other important data relevant to what you are doing.

The Smart Helmet coming from Nandlogic

The Smart Helmet coming from Nandlogic

This is the concept for a new Smart Helmet from Nandlogic.

According to the designers, a “Smart Helmet” should allow the user to perform high-level cognitive tasks such as cycling, snowboarding, or skateboarding; while it performs low-level functions that support those tasks.

Embedded micorprocessor and software systems control the Smart Helmet

Embedded micorprocessor and software systems control the Smart Helmet

These functions can include noise reduction, signaling, managing communication links, and processing environmental data.

Also they say that:

A Smart Helmet should enhance  Situational Awareness by presenting pertinent information in a clear and simple manner.

Nand Logic’s patented Smart Helmet accomplishes this by monitoring it’s internal and external environment and alerting the user and other motorists of pertinent information when it is available.

Sounds intriguing right?

This decidedly high tech helmet features, streaming music, rear brake lights, from LED lighting, variably transparent visor glass, gps, orientation display,trip planning and more.

Check the specifications that Nandlogic provided:


– Headlights
– Turn Signals
– Brake Lights

Software Control

– Ambient Light Sensor
– Accelerometer
– Auto dimming function
– Hazard Lights
– Emergency braking function


Front & Rear Camera
– HD Video & Still image capture
– Data stored on SD card

– Picture in Picture
– Dual stream Display

Object Recognition
– Object Tracking
– Collision Warning
– Blindspot Warning

Wireless Communication
– Accept & make phone calls
– Voice controls
– Communicate in a group
– Turn By Turn GPS ( Mobile Phone )
– Stream Music ( Mobile Phone )

Mobile Phone App

– Configure
– Control