Looking Forward from 1960 to the 1999 House of Future

The House of the Future, like time is relative.

For many of us we are right know living in the home of the future compared to the 1950s’ or 60’s. I mean look around at the giant internet connected tvs, computers, microwaves and LED lighting systems that are common today. This was science fiction 50 years ago.

Lets take a look at a vintage movie from the 1960’s predicting what the home of the future would look like, thirty some years later in the distant year of 1999.┬áIn 1967 the Philco-Ford Corporation released a short film titled 1999 A.D. In it the inevitable advances of the future are demonstrated.

The impact of Star Trek is apparent with some of the predictions and are still somewhere in the future for us living in 2016, while other predictions are bang on!

Take a trip back and see what it looked like looking forward.