Firefly’s Nathan Fillion Drives the Gen 8 Mule All Electric Vehicle Prototype


Firefly’s Nathan Fillion takes a spin around Oregon in an all electric prototype.

Have you ever been so convinced that the time has come for a particular technology or idea that you want to start your own company doing something about it? The realization that the age of fossil fuels has gone on for far too long, is one that many people around the world are coming too.

The question is what are we prepared to do about it? If a more expensive form of energy that is totally clean is available, will you buy it? If energy efficient products are available will you consider them or buy the cheaper ones? If you feel that it is time for an electric vehicle that is priced so that it is affordable and offers a fast payback compared to the gasoline alternative, do you start your company to make them?

The Acrimoto team with the electric vehicle

The Acrimoto team with the electric vehicle

Well that is what one entrepreneur in Oregon decided to do and he, along with his company, have spent the last 8 years designing and refining the perfect commuter electric car. The company is called Acrimoto and they are about to release their eighth revision to the initial design that launched the team.

The three wheel vehicle has dual electric motors that can propel it to 80 miles per hour while the state of the art battery lasts 70 miles or 120 with the extended battery option. The battery is expected to last 6 years with a projected replacement cost of $2500.

The target price is less that $12,000, which would give the expected payback to be less than 2 years even at the current low world prices.

Nathan Fillion on with John Oliver desscribing the Acrimoto vehicle

Nathan Fillion on with John Oliver describing the Acrimoto vehicle

If you are dying to give this a try you are not alone. The well know Canadian born actor Nathan Fillion, from the Scifi cult classic Firefly and crime drama Castle, was so intrigued that he flew to Oregon to try one. He makes a great spokesperson for the company.

Nathan Fillion test driving the Acrimoto electric vehicle in Oregon

Nathan Fillion test driving the Acrimoto electric vehicle in Oregon

We can hardly wait to drive the Gen 8 Mule which will weigh in at the lowest curb weight yet of 1038 lbs.