Consumers Beware When It Comes to Lithium Ion Battery Products


Lithium Ion Battery Products Store a Lot of Energy.

A new technology that has been given a cool name stolen from the famous 1980’s Scifi movie “Back to the Future” has taken young consumers by storm with millions being shipped out of china in the last few years.

I am talking about the “hover-board” as you may have guessed by now which is an all electric wheeled device that does not really hover but rolls. Electric motors on the board drive wheels powered by a lithium power-pack moving the rider in 2 dimensions only. Steering the device is accomplished using foot pressure commands.

Lithium ion batteries on a hoverboard catch fire

Lithium ion batteries on a hoverboard catch fire

Like a bycycle or motorcycle there is a learning curve to these hover-boards and gravity is not forgiving while you get your balance or sea legs. There are many videos on the internet of kids falling on their ass while trying to master the device.

If this was the only problem with the boards there would be less cause for concern. The big problem is that the lithium ion battery technology from some manufacturers can catch on fire and explode! There are multiple cases around the world some of which are caught on video, off these boards catching fire and then the batteries exploding.

Lithium ion batteries catching fire is not a new phenomenon right? If you remember back about a year ago, when the newly designed Boeing Dream Liner was first being air tested, there were fires reported in the lithium ion battery packs?

Lithium ion batteries catch fire in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Lithium ion batteries catch fire in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing engineers had to do a complete rethink of the battery system.

Another example is the electric car known as the Karma, from Fisker Automotive. The exterior and interior of this car was nothing short of beautiful, but before the car could even hit showroom floors, a number of battery fires sent the company into bankruptcy.

Fisker Karma all electric car catches fire

Fisker Karma all electric car catches fire

The latest news it that they are back in business and hopefully the problems are behind them. Here is the video if you are interested.


When it comes to any consumer product that relies on high energy density batteries you need to make sure you are buying from a proven manufacturer and be sure to only charge the device using the recommenced method and chargers.

Future technologies will continue to rely on batteries or superconductors for energy and the products are generally getting safer everyday. Remember the gasoline engine was not always as safe as it is today but it has had over 100 years to work out the problems.

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