MIT Demonstration of the RLC Circuit

A Great Demonstration of the RLC Circuit.

For the electronics students or hobbyist the RLC circuit is one of the fundamental circuits that is used in electronic devices such as radios and transmitters and even motor control. RLC stands for the three major components of the circuit which are resistors, and induction coil and capacitors.

In this MIT demonstration a variable capacitor (C), large inductor or solenoid (L), and 200W light bulb (R) are connected in series to 120 VAC. The inductance of the inductor can be varied by inserting an iron core, and the capacitance can be varied by a row of switches. By varying the inductance and capacitance, we can achieve the resonance of the circuit, where maximum current flows through the resistor (light bulb).

If you try this experiment at home be sure to remember that electricity is very dangerous and precautions should be taken.

Here is the link to the video