Using Magnetism and Physics to Make a Working Magnetic Launcher


How to Make a Working Magnetic Launcher.

Magnets are something that we often take for granted. Sure they are great for sticking things to the refrigerator or hiding your spare car key in the wheel well of your car, but what is really going on there?

Magnetism and specifically electromagnetic phenomenon is responsible for products ranging from motors to WiFi. The U.S. navy is working on a future scary weapon known as the electromagnetic rail gun and using just the power of magnetism it fires some mean projectiles incredible distances using only electricity for fuel.

How to Make a Working Magnetic Launcher.

How to Make a Working Magnetic Launcher.

That is sort of the concept behind this DIY homemade magnet gun or magnetic launcher. Using just some simple magnets and a support rail of his own design this inventor has made a device that fires a pretty heavy slug quite a ways using only magnetism and a solid knowledge of physics.

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