Oculus VR Headset and Computer Now Available!


I remember when virtual reality headsets where very large and heavy and really only ready for researchers to work with. Now you can buy an actual lightweight virtual reality headset with a high powered tower computer at a reasonable price from Oculus.

I wish, that we were a seller for this technology in some way, but we are not. We just love the tech.

Starting February 16 at 8am Pacific Time, you can pre-order Oculus Ready PC and Rift bundles from Best Buy, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store, starting at $1499 USD for a limited time only.

All bundles include an Oculus-certified PC and everything that comes with Rift – the headset, sensor, remote, an Xbox One controller, EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack, and Lucky’s Tale!

Pre-orders for Oculus Ready and Rift bundles will ship in limited quantities to select countries and regions from retail partners starting in April. Here is the link to the Oculus sales page.

Here what else Oculus is working on, Touch!