Dubai Bets on The Future Of 3D Printing Technology


The Future Of 3D Printing Technology May Be Here Right Now.

Additive manufacturing lets us manufacture things not by assembling bits and pieces but by almost extruding them one atom at a time ( or so we hope) which we refer to as printing. In fact we call it 3D printing and I am sure most of our readers have heard of this before.

Researchers are developing 3D printing processes and feed-stocks that can manufacture everything from furniture to cars and even body parts. The list is growing and technology is getting faster and cheaper rapidly. I am not suggesting that you will soon be printing your new car at the neighborhood 3D Kinko’s but who knows where this is going.

First 3D printed Office building

First 3D printed Office building

The city of Dubai seems to think that 3D printing is here to stay and have set a publicly stated goal that 25% of their city will be 3D printed by 2030! Wow, does not seem aggressive, I mean how do we know we even want to live in a 3D printed apartment or house?

Here is a quote from Mohammed Al Gergawi:

The future is based on 3D printing.

Well they have more than a little experience with this as they have recently 3D printed an entire office building complete with furnishings! The 2690 square ft building cost a total of $140,000 to complete including installation. The installation portion of the job cost 70% less in labor than a conventional office building. The project was printed in in just 17 days and installed in 2!

I wonder when this technology will become the normal method for construction and manufacturing of pretty much everything?