Home Experiment To Blow Up A Balloon Using A Chemical Reaction


Home Experiment To Blow Up – What?

Normally we shudder at the phrase home experiment and ” blow up” in the same sentence right? Don’t worry this one is perfectly safe.Mostly…

As a kid, one of the first science experiments that I tried at home was one that used everyday household chemicals. Lets start with acetic acid, namely vinegar. If you are from the UK or Canada you may like to pour this on your french fries while in the U.S. you know it as a weak cleaning fluid.

Using household chemicals for an experiment

Using household chemicals for an experiment

Actually you an use an acid for this such as citric, carbolic, sulfuric and many others. Lets stick with everyday vinegar for this demonstration.

The next chemical you need is sodium carbonate better known as baking soda. This is a base and if fact you can use any base but baking soda is in the cupboard right?

Ok, lets mix this two chemicals, one acid and one base and watch what happens when they neutralize. Gee, I wonder if we could make that reaction do some work for us such as blowing up a balloon.

Lets give it a try shall we?