How To Build A Monster Truck


You Cannot Buy One, You Have To Build A Monster Truck Yourself.

You cannot buy a monster truck directly from FORD, GM or Chrysler mainly because not so many people actually want to own one. For sure I would not want to pay the maintenance or fuel bill. So if the auto companies do not make them then how do they come to be?

Easy. People take an ordinary truck and modify if in so many different ways.

How to build a monster truck of any kind

How to build a monster truck of any kind

It may seem that all you have to do is put some really big tires on right? Wrong just the tire clearance alone requires that the drive shafts and suspension be lowered to center to the new tire size and provide sufficient clearance between the top of the tire and wheel well.

As the tires get larger so does the amount of torque required to drive them. This means up-sizing the gear box and maybe even the drive shafts and oh by the way you need a very powerful engine. So you either have to increase the engine horsepower or modify the existing one with a supercharger and bored out cylinders to provide more power.

Ok, so how about safety? We probably should have mentioned this at the beginning. Do not try this at home! Monsters trucks are not safe! So if your chance of rolling over is so much greater, you are going to want a roll cage and race-car type seat belts to hold you in. Oh, yeah wear a helmet.

Every monster truck needs a rollcage

Every monster truck needs a roll-cage

If you are starting to get a mental picture of all of these changes then you have probably realized that you need to build most of this monster truck from scratch. You can reuse the truck cab and the box. That is about all.

You will need to learn to weld to biuld a monster truck

You will need to learn to weld to build a monster truck

Sure you can buy a used one on the internet or even a smashed up from someone that has run out out money to fix it, but really building it yourself is at least half the fun.

So better learn to weld and get yourself some professional tools if you are really going to try this. Take a look at how it is made.