Electric Plane Will Slash The Cost Of Training Pilots


The Cost Of Training Pilots Is Based On The Price Of the Plane And The Cost Of Fuel.

It is projected that the current shortage of commercial pilots around the world that has resulted from a dramatic and steady increase in air transportation will only continue if not get worse. The costs associated with learning to fly are largely dictated by the price of fuel and cost of the plane to train in.

If somehow we could dramatically reduce either or both of these costs, young people would be more able to afford to learn to fly.

Currently at least in the US, it is people over 40 years of age that have earned enough money through a successful career in something other than aviation that take flying lessons to get their pilots licences.

Enter a disruptive technology that when mature will change pretty all aspects of aviation as we know it today. This includes the cost of ownership for planes such as maintenance, fuel and initial capital. This disruptive technology that I am referring to? Electric planes.

Plans to add solar panels to the wings of the electric Sun Flyer

Plans to add solar panels to the wings of the electric Sun Flyer

A startup company with a board of directors that reads like a who’s who of industry including Boeing and Emerson Electric has set their sites on the commercial electric plane industry. The company is the Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation based out of Colorado and their first consumer product is called the Sun Flyer.

The current cost of flight school using conventional aircraft runs between $30 and $50 per flight hour. For the Sun Flyer it is estimated to be $1! Now this is disruptive!

The all electric plane has solar panels on it’s wings to top up the batteries for free, produces no CO2 or other emissions and is 30 dB less noisy that conventional aircraft.

It will be still be several years before all approvals are received and production of the Sun Flyer begins in earnest but as of April of this year, the company had received deposits with 30 pre-orders!

Manufacturing the SunFlyer all electric plane

Manufacturing the Sun Flyer all electric plane

The Cost of Training Pilots and the Planes Themselves will drop dramatically.

The days of having an personal flying vehicle that is as affordable as a car are just around the corner. About time right?