Technology Gives Us The Next Generation Of Carry-On Luggage


The Next Generation Of Carry-On Luggage Climbs Stairs With Ease.

This next example of technology making life easier for people is for the frequent flyers out there. The definition of frequent that I am using is : “often enough to be annoyed by things like long lines, flight changes and a sore back from dragging your luggage around”.

I can remember a recent trip to Venice where we rented an apartment on one of the islands in the area and to get there we had to take several boats and so many up and down stairs over the waterways that by the time we arrived at the place we were renting, we were ready for a nap. Yes the jet lag was a factor but maybe there is something better as far as luggage technology to make this experience more positive?

The angled handle changes everything

The angled handle changes everything

We love to check the crowd funding activity to see what is new and exciting and this time we have found an invention that will change the luggage market. At least we think so.

It is a newly designed piece of carry-on luggage made by Traxpack that incorporates several features that aim to make the travelers live easier.

The luggage is designed with an angled extension handle that allows for the luggage to fall on it’s side to match the angle of stairs. A set of glides on the side of the luggage let it move over the stairs with minimal friction. This alone is worth the purchase price but check out the other innovative features:

  • An on-board lithium battery backup that can charge your devices where ever you are.
  • An available GPS tracking system that allows you to track your back wherever it may be in the world. ( If it is not with you).
  • Proximity sensors to warn you if you are too far away from your bag.
  • A mobile device stand to let the luggage double as a portable work station
  • A luggage scale built into the luggage mechanism to let you know when you are approaching your weight limit before you check. There is nothing worse that having an impromptu repack in front of everyone or worse still paying the added penalty costs.
  • TSA approved locks

Of these features, all of which we like the on-board charging system is questionable. This is meant to be carry-on luggage but really depending on the plane and your boarding order you may be asked to sky-check your bag into the hold of the plane and remove any lithium batteries that may be in there.  What do you do in this case? It turns out that it is it easily removable so problem solved.

The new features incorporated in the design that helps travellers

The new features incorporated in the design that helps travelers

Overall this is worthy investment for the traveler I believe and I travel a lot. Engineering is at it’s best when it solves real problems and makes our lives easier or more fun in some way.

If you want to check this out while it is still on Kickstarter and make a donation that essentially lets you buy one at a reducing early price,here is the link.