Electric Drone Taxi Being Manufactured In Nevada

Enter The Era Of The Electric Drone Taxi.

Personal drones large enough to take a passenger are right now being developed by several companies, and there are multiple prototypes being tested around the world.  Many of them are being considered more as taxi’s than personal vehicles.

Imagine being able to order a drone taxi and fly to work or shopping. (ok so maybe you won’t need the drone taxi to take you shopping if you believe Amazon will be able to deliver whatever you need in less than a day).

Electric taxi drone comes in to land

Electric taxi drone comes in to land

An example of this technology is the ehang 184 taxi drone currently being developed and built in Nevada, by a Chinese company. This electric flying machine will be capable of achieving 91 mph ( what is wrong with saying 90?) but is only capable of carrying one person. So it is a very personal drone plane.

To get to your destination, you simply program where you want to go from an app provided and then just sit back and let the 184 take you there.

Google has the same idea for the autonomous, steering wheel-less cars they are designing.

Since Uber is in serious trouble in some parts of the world for using unlicensed drivers that have no experience and in some case no morals, could this be a way to skip the human drivers all together?

Google car removes the driver and the steering wheel

Google car removes the driver and the steering wheel

This technology along with the non-flying versions will mean we will no longer need drivers.  Sure, we will still need people to manufacture the vehicles, but engineers are working hard to eliminate people from manufacturing as well.

There is no word yet on initial pricingfor the ehang 184, which will no doubt be expensive unless or until it can be mass produced.  I guess instead of a passenger in the drone taxi, companies like Amazon could fill it with packages to deliver, but you would still need a person to load and unload them.

Or would you ?…