A Beauty Pagent Judged By Artificially Intelligent Robots

How Human Are Artificially Intelligent Robots?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the remaining beauty pagents around the world. Many feel that is an outdated exploitive industry that sets the wrong role models for young women. Other feel that is helps young women to prepare for success in life.

Regardless of how you feel about the beauty pagents, how do you feel about a robot or artificial intelligence being the pagents judge? Exactly, I am not sure either…Maybe the difference in logos between the AI judge pagent and the Miss America Pagent sets the stage for this.

Miss-America contest judged by humans

Miss-America contest judged by humans

Beauty.AI 2.0, a platform, where human beauty is evaluated by a jury of robots and algorithm developers compete on novel applications of machine intelligence to perception is supported by Ernst and Young.

“We were very impressed by E&Y’s recent advertising campaign with a robot hand holding a beautiful butterfly and a slogan:

How human is your algorithm?

and immediately invited them to participate. This slogan captures the very essence of our contest, which is constantly exploring new ideas in machine perception of humans”, said Anastasia Georgievskaya, Managing Scientist at Youth Laboratories, the organizer of Beauty.AI.

Beauty.AI contest is supported by the many innovative companies from the US, Europe, and Asia with some of the top cosmetics companies participating in collaborative research projects. Imagene Labs, one of the leaders in linking facial and biological information from Singapore operating across Asia, is a gold sponsor and research partner of the contest.

There are many approaches to evaluating human beauty. Features like symmetry, pigmentation, pimples, wrinkles may play a role and similarity to actors, models and celebrities may be used in the calculation of the overall score. However, other innovative approaches have been proposed. A robot developed by Insilico Medicine compares the chronological age with the age predicted by a deep neural network. Another team is training an artificially-intelligent system to identify features that contribute to the popularity of the people on dating sites.

Jia-Yi Har, Vice President of Imagene Labs said:

We look forward to collaborating with the Youth Laboratories team to create new AI algorithms. These will eventually allow consumers to objectively evaluate how well their wellness interventions – such as diet, exercise, skincare and supplements – are working. Based on the results they can then fine tune their approach to further improve their well-being and age better.

The contest is open to anyone with a modern smartphone running either Android or iOS operating system, and Beauty.AI 2.0 app can be downloaded for free from either Google or Apple markets. Programmers and companies can participate by submitting their algorithm to the organizers through the Beauty.AI website.

Alex Shevtsov, CEO of Youth Laboratories said:

The beauty of Beauty.AI pageants is that algorithms are much more impartial than humans, and we are trying to prevent any racial bias and run the contest in multiple age categories. Most of the popular beauty contests discriminate by age, gender, marital status, body weight and race. Algorithms are much less partial.

If this is succesful what else can we expect to be judged or determined by artificially intelligent robots? Job interviews?