How Big is Youtube?

How Big is Youtube and How BIg Can It Get?

Late in 2006, when Google announced that they would be buying the startup internet video sharing site “youTube” for a mind boggling 9 ( then) 1.65 billion US dollars, most of the world thought ” what are they thinking?”

Now, 10 years later YouTube is estimated to be worth as much as 40 billion.

The reason is that everyone is using it. Not just individuals but companies and governments. For example.

Since 2009, the Entomological Society of America (ESA) has held a contest called “YouTube Your Entomology,” which invites entomologists to showcase their talents and creativity through video. The popular contest has been featured in the New York Times and other media outlets, and the videos often focus on research, teaching, outreach, and other areas.

For the 2016 contest, 43 videos were submitted, and the ESA judges recently selected five finalists. A winner and a runner-up will be announced in September at the 2016 International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, Florida. All finalists will receive a Stinger Award. In addition, the winner will receive $400 and the runner-up will receive $200.

The five finalists and their videos are:

“Benefits of Planting Flowers for Bees”
By Katharina Ullmann, University of California, Davis; and Emily May, Xerces Society

“Black Cutworm Adult Trapping”
By Erin Hodgson, Adam Sisson, and Brandon Kleinke
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

“How Butterflies Create Color & Microscopy in the Field”
By Aaron Pomerantz, University of California, Berkeley

“Pollination: Trading Food for Fertilization in 3 Minutes”
By Linda S. Rayor, Cornell University; and Carol Jennings, Park Productions at Ithaca College

“The Simplicity of Basic Insecticide Resistance Management Principles and Strategies”
By IRAC and CropLife

All of the 43 video submissions for the 2016 contest can be viewed at


CREDIT Entomological Society of America

Tek-THinK thoughts on How Big is YouTube. In ten years they went from 1.65 to 40 billion dollars in value. In 10 more years maybe they will be worth 1 trillion! Maybe I should invest in Google stock……