Stretchy Mouse Thingy May Change Future Gaming

Here is a new development aimed at gamers that quite easily may have much further reaching applications. The inventors have come up with a stretchy arm-band that acts as the mouse or user interface. The coolest part is the 3 dimension nature of the device.

In the short video gif you can see the stretchy arm-band mouse thing, ( it seems to need a new name) being used to play the computer game “Angry Birds”. In order to set the trajectory of the projectile you can poke the device and release it creating a link between the user and the game in a more 3d way than a mouse. This is a big deal for future gaming and gamers.

Gaming and other uses for a stretchy mouse thingy

Gaming and other uses for a stretchy mouse thingy

A Game Changer Not Just For Future Gaming

The cool reaction properties of this device may also be used to interface with computer programs that make music by simulation of the instrument such as piano’s or guitars. With this interface you may be able to replicate the plucking motion on a stringed instrument or the light touch on a keyboard.

There are so many more possible applications for this invention in the world of robotic surgery or remote control of drones and robot devices. Very exciting would you agree? And very cool.