How To Bring Cheap Solar Energy To 7.4 Billion People


Cheap Solar Energy Should Be Our Ultimate Goal.

Berkeley Lab’s Cyrus Wadia envisions bringing electricity to the 1.2 billion people now living without it. The technolog to make this happen has progressed considerably since he made this video but the goal has never been more important.

Using nanotechnology and other new and existing areas of science, we will eventually be able to give solar energy to everyone on the planet. The question remains although as to whether we will be able to do it before the atmosphere is not longer able to absorb CO2. This will come hand in hand with the problem that oxygen levels will no longer be sufficient to breathe.

The future is cheap solar energy for the world

The future is cheap solar energy for the world

How Important Is Developing Cheap Solar Energy Sooner Rather Than Later.

It sounds dramtic right, but the reality is that climate change is just the beginning of the changes that the earth that we will go through if we do not move away from burning fossil fuels.

Enjoy the talk. I know you will learn something that will be useful are you work towards a career in solar energy. I know that you agree we need cheap solar energy for everyone.