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New Research Into 3D Printing Human Organs and Cells. Additive manufacturing other wise known as 3D printing is starting to have a disruptive impact on many mature technologies across a large cross section of industries. Surprisingly applications for 3D technology also include health care and biomedical. What if we could “print” new body parts instead […]

See These 3D Printing Laboratories At Work Additive manufacturing is changing the way the world thinks about manufacturing and design. The scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories are pushing the boundries of what is possible.

Now the field of 3D Bioengineering. Additive manufacturing or 3D printing as it is more commonly known holds promise for industrials ranging from automotive and aerospace to biomedical. Research furthering the technology and feedstocks for the printers is happening at the university and government laboratory level all over the world.

The Dream of 3D Movies Without Glasses. If you are like me ( then sorry for that) when it comes to 3D movies, then you are intellectually attracted to the technology but not at the expense of wearing special glasses. I mean how many 3D movies have even be produced?

What is a¬†Biohybrid Robot ? What happens when you combine two of the hottest technologies emerging today, namely robotics and 3D printing? From the mind’s at Case Western Reserve University you something amazing!

A Cybersecurity Threat From Additive Manufacturing? A disruptive innovation is defined as an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances. This disruption can have positive and negative impacts on society.

Experience Sports With 3D Technology . Virtual reality and augmented reality are about to have a profound impact on our lives, changing everything from surgery and medicine to exploration and even how we can experience sporting events. The problem with this technolgy is that you need to buy and wear a VR headset. 3D is […]

Cutting Edge Camera Technology – Lytro. With Lytro Cinema, every frame of a live action scene becomes a 3D model: every pixel has color and directional and depth properties bringing the control and creative flexibility of computer generated VFX to real world capture.

3D Glasses At Home in Less Than 30 minutes. 3D movies are making a 2nd appearance after a resounding failure the first time 20 years ago. You can find 3D movies on the internet or even You-tube but how do you view them exactly?

The Future Of 3D Printing Technology May Be Here Right Now. Additive manufacturing lets us manufacture things not by assembling bits and pieces but by almost extruding them one atom at a time ( or so we hope) which we refer to as printing. In fact we call it 3D printing and I am sure […]

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