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Amazing Applications For VR Goggles. Virtual reality, once the dream of computer gamers everywhere is starting to prove it’s worth outside of the video game world. The medical community and industry is moving quickly to adapt the technology to solve some real world problems. Brain surgery is one of these critical endeavors that can be […]

Virtual Reality Holograms – The stuff of Science Fiction. Holograms used to be the stuff of science fiction but like artificial intelligence it is become real science really quickly. Virtual reality glasses and headsets may be the new cell phones of tomorrow but they are here today. 3d objects in a VR world allows reality […]

Augmented Reality of AR as it is becoming known, allows people to become more knowledgeable while performing an particle process or procedure by “augmenting” what the user is seeing with additional data. AR adds a deeper dimension to what the user is viewing. Of course the extra data is only as good as it’s relevance […]

Disney Augmented Reality Brings The Characters To Life. Augmented reality or AR is one step further that virtual reality. AR lets you see the world as you would normally see it except it augments this with data about what you are seeing or add objects that are not really there. It is thought that AR […]

The Need For Faster Robots. Industry has is quickly moving from a time when robots were safely locked away in cages to keep them from interacting with humans ( so humans do not get hurt ) to robots working with other robots, then robots interacting with humans but still is a physically controlled way to […]