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New Research For Quantum Information Networks. Smart devices are getting smarter. If fact artificial intelligence science is improving at a rapid rate. The limit to it’s development is not just techniques and strategy for the programming but also the hardware. AI needs fast, efficient and cost effective computer processors and memory to be able process […]

NASA AI Science. Space exploration is a dangerous and expensive venture. Sending humans to space, to live for extended periods of months or years requires special atmosphere, food, water and many other everyday things. The question is do we need to send humans on most of these ventures? I mean other than the fact that […]

Network Cyber Security Risks and Smart Technology. Cyber security is not just about money. It can also be about safety and protection of our very way of life. Successful hackers into a countries or cities power grid could cause damage and loss of life. You have only to look to Puerto Rico to see what […]

64 Bit Computing Research. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and advanced robotic systems rely on access to affordable high speed energy efficient computing hardware. There is research in new computing technologies such as quantum computing and laser based light computers as well as even more powerful electron based systems.

Quantum Computer Size Research. Future technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, robots and artificial intelligence all rely on having access to affordable high speed, low energy consumption computer hardware. Laser or light based computers hold promise but the holy grail of supercomputer hardware is the Quantum computer. 

First the computer age then the artificial intelligence age. Since the dawn of science, mankind has imagined a machine that could do what humans do. At first, it was simple devices that helped us farm the land and was often a combination of animals and machines. Later much more sophisticated machines launched us into the […]