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Brighter Better Lasers On The Way. Fresh insights into living cells, brighter video projectors and more accurate medical tests are just three of the innovations that could result from a new way of fabricating lasers.

New Research Into White Light Lasers. While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now well established technologies, there are several advantages to be gained by shortening the wavelength of the electromagnetic waves used for transmitting information.

The Next Generation Computers. Electron based computer communication throught medium’s such as copper or even gold are limited in speed and distance compared to the speed of light or energy through a vacuum. Laser light based communications is far superior for both these characteristic.

A Powerful Hand Held Laser For Surgery. How many science fiction movies has you watched where surgery is a simple procedure using a hand held laser that makes a very clean incision and presumable leaves very little in the way of scar? Well fiction often leads reality right?

Supercomputers Create Gamma Rays In The Lab. Ever play with a magnifying lens as a kid? Imagine a lens as big as the Earth. Now focus sunlight down to a pencil tip. That still wouldn’t be good enough for what some Texas scientists have in mind.

New Advancements Into Micro Sized Terahertz Laser Technology. Terahertz radiation is the band of electromagnetic radiation whose wavelengths exist between microwaves and visible light and is though to have multiple possible applications in security and medical diagnostics. Such devices will require the development of compact, low-power, high-quality terahertz lasers.

The Fun Of┬áBouncing a Laser Off The Moon. Have you ever taken a laser pointer, either red or the more powerful green ones and tried to see just how far the light would go? Pretty far right but do you know it could make it to the moon and back if there was a nice […]

Using ultrashort laser pulses an international team at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics has managed to manipulate the positions of atoms in hydrocarbon molecules in a targeted fashion.

The Microsoft Kinect was a boon to robotics researchers. The cheap, off-the-shelf depth sensor allowed them to quickly and cost-effectively prototype innovative systems that enable robots to map, interpret, and navigate their environments.

New Laser Technology from the U.K. Researchers at the University of Bath, United Kingdom have created a new kind of laser capable of pulsed and continuous mid-infrared (IR) emission between 3.1 and 3.2 microns, a spectral range that has long presented a major challenge for laser developers. The achievement could aid in the development of […]

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