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Maybe Not a Fair Test for the All Electric Tesla Model S Family Car. For all the praise and accolades that the Tesla Model S has gotten as a family car/daily driver, most people still believe that it can beat out super-cars like the Lamborghini Aventador which use an internal combustion engine.

The Bugatti Gran Turismo Super Car Comes to Life! Bugatti has transformed its Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo from the virtual world of bytes and pixels into a real carbon-fibre racer. What started as a virtual car in a virtual world is now a real car on a real track. What we see, is a really […]

Fiat’s New SRT Tomahawk Vision  –  ( TeK-ThinK) The SRT Tomahawk Vision by Fiat is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and aesthetically pleasing supercars we’ll ever lay our eyes on. Unfortunately, this Fiat concept vehicle isn’t going to be tearing up the streets anytime soon. The only way we’ll be able to see it […]

The Lamborghini Aventador is a Very Special Car The Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most iconic and powerful supercars to come out from Automobili Lamborghini’s production lines. Although it’s not the car maker’s newest supercar (that would be the Huracan), it is still quite popular due to its beastly engine and superb handling. Not […]

3D printing for Race Car Parts  ( ) One of the hottest manufacturing processes in many industries these days is 3D printing. Many manufacturing companies large and small are eagerly hoping that this new technology will give them the edge that they need in today’s highly competitive world. Nissan has partnered with the a […]

Carbon Fiber Wheels Give a Weight and Performance Advantage. The use of carbon fiber wheels on performance vehicles isn’t something new. For many years now, a company based in Australia called Carbon Revolution has been involved in the research, development, and manufacture of wheels made from carbon fiber for use in BMW, Audi, McLaren, and […]

2015 Corvette Z07 – ( TeK-THinK) If you thought that the 2015 Corvette Z06 is not fast enough or pricey enough for you you can up your game and impress your friends with the new 2015 CorvetteZ07 supercar! Rumor has it that this has been on the drawing boards since 2011 but GM seems to […]

A VR Controlled Racing Drone Takes On A Supercar. At first it seems like a competition between a Police version McLaren 650s and a racing drone would be unfair. I mean how can any car compete with a light remote controlled airplane that is not limited to the two dimensions that the car is.

Finnish manufacturer Toroidion Shows of Their Electric Super Car the 1 MW. There are many rivals to Tesla for fast electric cars. Electric Formula One and electric supers are exploding in popularity around the world and inventors are working over time to design something better. Here is an example of a manufacturer in Finland that […]

Comparison Tesla vs Porsche. Even though electric cars are the best thing to happen to the automobile industry (and to consumers) there are still a lot of knocks and opposition leveled against them. One of these is that they’ll never be able to replicate the performance of super-cars from car-makers like Ferrari and Porsche.

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