The Tek Behind Tek-THink

We are addicted to technology. That is obvious. To feed our addiction we search out the coolest new technology, we explore how to make things, find cool home experiments and fun Do-It-Yourself projects and we take a look behind the hardware of the newest consumer products.

Some of our favorite technologies ( TeK ) are:

  • Lasers
  • Nanotechnology
  • Web and Internet
  • Computer Tek
  • Holograms and 3D viewing
  • Alternative fuels and Vehicles
  • 3 and 4 D printing
  • Biomimicry
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Space tek and Astrophysics
  • Future TeK
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Clean Eneregy
  • Climate Change
  • ….

We have no corporate alliances or sponsorship. We do not do any sponsored posts. Everything we post is because we like it, not because someone has paid us or we think we can make money on it.

How do we pay for all of this?   Good question.

We use google advertising and some very specific affiliate advertising, for example the internet service provider BlueHost. We have used Bluehost as our server company since the beginning of our web efforts which for one of our main websites, SolarThermalMagazine is 8 years ago. ( wow really ! )

We have tried other providers but quickly came back to Bluehost. As we have grown we have moved from a standard shared server service to a Virtual Private Server optimized for wordpress, Again available from Bluehost.

We have dozens of websites with Bluehost in this way.

Bluehost as a service provider is not perfect. Sometime they go down briefly for maintenance or other reasons. Once or twice I have done something wrong and they have helped me out of trouble. In general I find their service, whether it is online chat, phone or email to be excellant. I am not a computer programmer or webmaster and I do it all with the Bluehost technicians.

So how do we make money from being a Bluehost affiliate? Easy if someone who is interested in setting up a website for ecommerce,personal,sports,hobbies or any other reason, they click on the link we provide and in the if they decide to sign up to use Bluehost, we get a small reward.

Google advertising works differently. We get paid by click, from our readers. If someone finds an advertisement interesting and they click on it we get paid for that.

These are the 2 ways that we are able to fund this website and several others. We have full time jobs elsewhere ( this is why we do not show our identity so often ). Mostly for several of our websites, we do this for fun.

More about the Tek behind Tek-THinK.

We use the wordpress platform for all of our websites. In the beginning we used free website templates from the WordPress site but later we bought some custom themes as we learned more about what needed for the type of content we wanted to provide. There are several good theme development organizations out there and you should be able to get something really professional for less than $100.

WordPress Pluggins.

WordPress is an open source website development platform that standardizes certain aspects for every website theme developed using it. In order to make the website have specific features such as comments listing, facebook like etc, you import a wordpress pluggin into your chosen theme. Pluggins are also available, mostly for free from the wordpress site.

Ok, so there is my plug for WordPress. To bad I cannot find someway to get paid for this free advertisiing but hopefully this is helpful to you, our readers who want to know about the Tek behind

Enjoy the website

Gordon Smith
Energy-Think Group LLC