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Assault Rifle Scope Technology ( TeK-THinK) – Rifle scope technology has not really changed in 100 years.Sure we use lasers to help with target finding and range setting but the optics is basically the same as Galileo used to see the moon for the first time. That is until now.

The NIST-F2 Atomic Clock ( TeK-THink) I remember when the first LED watches came out when I was kid. I guess I am dating myself but now with the impressive advent of smart watches, I continue to be fascinated compared to the old analog versions. But nothing compares to how they keep track of time […]

Solar Power System ( The Japanese Space Agency JAXA actually has a project in the planning stage to beam power collected with solar energy technology in space to earth. The Space Solar Power Systems project ( SSPS project ) is a space-based solar power plant that generates energy by collecting sunlight in geostationary orbit.

Space Exploration Technology ( Tek-THinK ) – The latest design for the 2020 MARS ROVER includes 7 instruments that taken independently are really cool. This ROVER however has been designed by NASA engineers to maximize the scientific capability of the entire unit. Each of the 7 major instruments have been designed and tuned to interact […]

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