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Focus a Laser On a Superconductor. Shining lasers at superconductors can make them work at higher temperatures, suggests new findings from an international team of scientists including the University of Bath.

A High Energy Laser Plasma Accelerator That Won’t Cost a Fortune. When you think of equipment or devices that can fit on the top of a typical table, I am sure that particle accelerator does not jump to mind. I mean the ones so far are miles in length, underground and cost billions to build […]

An X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) is an X-ray combining the features of lasers at the free electron state. An XFEL generates high-intensity electromagnetic radiation by accelerating electrons to relativistic speeds and directing them through special magnetic structures.

New Research Using New Terahertz Laser Technology. In the US, many of the nation’s bridges are aging, past their prime and supporting more traffic than they were originally designed for. Regular maintenance and inspection is critical to avoid catastrophic failures and the resulting death and injury.

The Nature of Laser Light. When  most of us think about the nature of light we don’t think of it in terms of being able to impact objects other than illuminate them. In fact photons do have weight and can influence things. Scientists at EPFL show how a light-induced force can amplify the sensitivity and resolution […]

New Research Using Lasers for Fusion Energy. The United States, National Ignition Facility, located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is the world’s largest laser system with 192 huge laser beams in one massive building, all focused down at the last moment at a 2 millimeter ball containing frozen hydrogen gas.

Explaining Quantum Entanglement is a Challenge. Quantum physics to most of us is a very complicated and sometimes counter intuitive science. The concept of quantum entanglement seems like the product of a delusional mind and proving it even more far fetched. Well pull out you laser pointers and see if you can follow as this […]

Nanotechnology Research from Harvard. Nanotechnology shows promise for many areas of research in fabrication techniques and lasers are certainly one of them.Bringing together silicon and diamond at the nano scale is the focus of new research from Harvard University.

Short Wave Laser Technology Research. Developments in Laser technology in the last few 10 years seems to increased significantly as lasers become part of everything from data storage to medicine and weapons. Lasers are becoming smaller, cheaper and more powerful. Here is some news of recent research in shortwave lasers that may have a large […]

IMAX’s Latest Laser Technology and Sound System Upgrades. The latest 4k televisions with wrapping screens and smart connections are pretty great right. I mean they bring a great video experience into your living room and if you combine this with a decent sound system you now have even less reason to go the cinema.

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