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The Name Sin Cars Says a Lot about the Tech. With electric vehicles getting most of the media’s attention these days, it’s easy to miss out on news regarding niche supercar makers like Sin Cars. The company, headed by a Bulgarian currently based in the UK named Rosen Daskalov, just recently announced that production has […]

Electric Supercar Prototype ( Tek-THinK) There are some really talented designers and engineers working on prototypes of all electric sport cars of various sizes and shapes.  When it comes to an all electric supercar, this one is one of the coolest.

The New 2017 Ford GT Supercar The New Ford GT was a showstopper when it came out on the Detroit Auto Show floor at the Joe Louis Arena in January of this year (2015). In a year that saw the announcements of various European supercars and the continued interest in hybrids, the sight of the […]

First 3D Printed Super-Car that Opens the Door For Additive Manufacturing. A super-car is designed not only to look good but to also provide the performance that you don’t usually get with mass produced sedans or pickup trucks. A majority of the super-cars available have streamlined and aerodynamic designs that go along with turbo-charged internal […]

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