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The Real Science of Laser Missiles. ( TeK-THinK) Laser technology has come a long way in the last 50 years,and recently it has become obvious that laser weapon technology is no longer science fiction. To watch Star Wars and other science fiction movies you would think that energy weapons are the only feasible type of […]

Laser Technology Never Fails to Amaze Us. I knew that lasers are able to do some amazing things these days, like repair aging eyes, weld metal and carry communication signals around the world at close to the speed of light. What I never considered for a moment is that they may be able to make […]

New Remote Sensing Laser Technology is Offering New Avenues of Study for Archaeologists. Most people in the world have heard of Stonehenge as the famous and unexplained ancient stones placed in a circle in the English countryside. This prehistoric monument is more specifically located in Wiltshire, England, about 2 miles (3 km) west of Amesbury […]

This Experimental Laser Produces a Shocking Amount of Energy. The Institute of Laser Engineering, at Osaka University in Japan has announced that they have succeeded in amplifying a Petawatt research laser (LFEX) to be able to deliver up to 2,000 trillion watts in one trillionth of a second.

Team from Arizona University Invents the White Light Laser. Even though lasers have been in existence since 1960 and today they are used in applications ranging from medical to communications,no one has been able to create a laser that beams white light.

A Homemade Laser from an Amateur Experimenter. Along with spaceships, lasers have long been a staple in science fiction. Of course these sci-fi lasers are far from the ones that are used on a daily basis these days. Present day lasers can’t destroy planets but they are very useful in the industrial and medical fields.

Experimenting At Home with Lasers The first functional laser which was made in 1960 by the Hughes Research Laboratories used a synthetic ruby crystal as its lasing medium. Although ruby crystals are less-utilized these days due to the rise of other components like helium neon, they still remain as popular materials when it comes to […]

This handheld laser may be the weapon of the future If there ever was one weapon (real or fictional) that we’d immediately associate with the future it would have to be the laser. In fact, the United States Armed Forces has been using lasers to improve the accuracy of its munitions for quite some time […]

Military Laser Technology – ( TeK-THinK ) Military lasers have long existed in the world of science fiction. Not any more. This futuristic military technology is now a reality, and has been actually deployed for real-world use in various places around the world. Over time, military laser technology should just be as powerful and depicted […]

Homemade Burning Laser ( TeK-THinK) This next video shows how one home experimenter built a 250 mW, burning laser almost entirely from old computer parts. The power supply, multiple heatsinks, and laser diode all came from old computers.

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