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A Home Made Microscope ( TeK-THinK) Buying a decent microscope,can be expensive and even then unless it has a digital interface you cannot see what you are looking at without peering through the small eye piece. If what you want to look at can be immersed in water there is another cheaper and more innovative […]

Never Under estimate Modern Science. This next video demonstrates not just the power of sound waves when combined with laser feedback systems but also the power of science experiments to attract young people to the field of science.

Here Comes Self Driving Car Technology. One techology that is coming at consumers faster than we can really get used to is autoomous or self driving vehicles. It takes time for older drivers to get used to the idea of turning the driving over to a faceless computer.

Ultrafast Camera Tech Needed. Self driving cars need very fast computers, camera and sensors to be able to make real time decisions to keep the human passenges safe. One delay or wrong decision can mean the difference between life and death.

New Research With Silicon Nanoparticles. A team of physicists from ITMO University (Saint Petersburg) and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) has demonstrated the potential of silicon nanoparticles for effective non-linear light manipulation.

And Now Energy Harvesting Robots. It seems that it is the age of robotics. Industrial robots have been replacing factory workers since the 1980’s but in 2016 it seems we have turned some kind of corner. And around every corner is another robot in every shape and size you can think of.

New Technology To Destroy Cancer Cells. Physicists from The University of Texas at Arlington are leading a multidisciplinary project with The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to develop a new multifunctional platform that can integrate imaging and photo-induced cancer therapy in […]

Scanning From A Distance Using Electomagnetic Radiation. Security at airports and public places has never been higher. Travellers know that to leave your bag alone at an airport is to invite attention from the police or security agents. At the vert least you will be detained and at worst your luggage may be quarentined and […]

The Tek Behind Tek-THink We are addicted to technology. That is obvious. To feed our addiction we search out the coolest new technology, we explore how to make things, find cool home experiments and fun Do-It-Yourself projects and we take a look behind the hardware of the newest consumer products. Some of our favorite technologies […]

High speed computer communications can make the difference not just for stock traders but for the average consumer of information such as video and music streaming.Today’s high-speed wired communication networks use lasers to carry information through optical fibers, but wireless networks are currently based on radio frequencies or microwaves.

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