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So want to enter the world of virtual reality and interact with other virtual characters. Some of these characters may be a.i. entities but some of them might be your friends or neighbors. How do you create a virtual person that looks like you ( or better than you…) so you don’t look like a […]

War is Hell – Or is it a 3D Video Game? Autonomous technology fueled by artificial intelligence science and unmanned remote controlled machines are changing the modern battlefield. It is much easier to launch a squad of weaponized drones than to try to sneak a Navy Seal team into a hostile foreign speaking country.

3D seems to be everywhere. Three dimensional printers promise to be able to replicate everything from cars to body parts while virtual reality absolutely relies on it. Scanning objects in 3D or taking 3D pictures or video for VR or augmented reality requires a special 3D camera. These 3D cameras are being developed for sure […]

Amazing Applications For VR Goggles. Virtual reality, once the dream of computer gamers everywhere is starting to prove it’s worth outside of the video game world. The medical community and industry is moving quickly to adapt the technology to solve some real world problems. Brain surgery is one of these critical endeavors that can be […]

3D Virtual Reality Creations Can Make You Money! It does seem that virtual reality hardware in the form of headsets and fast processors has arrived before there is a lot of content to choose from. I know for myself, I am still investigating what there is out there that I can use as an excuse […]

I wonder, if my university had a virtual reality research Center, when I was doing my undergraduate degree, would it have changed my major? I am not sure, but VR is moving past a scientific toy or game interface, it is becoming reality.

Popular Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lecture. Late last year, I did an article on a Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lecture that was free on You-tube. I found it interesting so I decided to put it out there and see if anyone else did. Well it turns out that this is a very popular video course on A.I. […]

Brain To Vehicle , Really! I started researching computer to brain interfaces just a few months ago and I was more than a little surprised at how far along researchers where at actually making this work. I always thought that it should be possible to create an interface but I did not expect the progress […]

What Is Quantum Radio Tech? The Internet of Everything ( IoT) is the plan to make pretty much every device you can think of have an internet connection. Your refrigerator and your stove as well as your lighting system and car will allow have a voice on the internet.

Virtual reality research is being targeted at some many unconventional areas of study. VR technology is at it’s best when it is being used to open up a new previously unseen world without the risk or cost to the participant. VR is about more than 3D movies and realistic video games it is also about […]

For the longest time, the driving force behind advancements in virtual reality technology came from the gaming community. Soon however the military picked it up and researchers started to add more reality to the virtual information and augmented or mixed reality was born.

Machine learning is one element of the science that is known as artificial intelligence. Rapid advances in machine learning have yielded recent improvements in facial recognition, natural language understanding and computer vision. It already is widely used for credit card fraud detection, recommendation systems and financial market analysis, with new applications such as medical diagnosis […]

The Age of Robot Musicians. Robots and artificial intelligence advances are opening opportunities in some areas that may be unexpected. How about music? Can a machine play an instrument along with human members of a band? Can a machine compose and play music that is meaningful and interesting to humans?

NASA Turns To Google AI Experts. Collecting data without a good way to analysis it is arguably a huge waste of time, computing power and server space. The problem is that for humans to wade through big data it is almost impossible. This is where machine learning or artificial intelligence programs can really shine.

I love the term mixed reality which is Microsoft’s word for their augmented reality adventures. They always have to be different but really the terms are synonymous with a whole lot of fun. Microsoft has developed a system and content that is compatible with several manufacturers of Virtual Reality headsets.

Since we are on the subject of language translation and artificial intelligence programs, what about the concept of a universal translator? Check out this little device that is the brain child of Waverly Labs. It is call the “Pilot” and it is an earbud that will also let your hear your music streaming or regular […]

The Ultimate Smart Shuttle. Artificial intelligence scientists seem very close to mastering the field of autonomous vehicles. In most countries however legislation and regulations have not caught up to the technology. In Switzerland researchers are beginning a trail of a new self driving bus called Smart Shuttle. Using an array of sensors and video chips, […]

Before You Bad Mouth Action Video Games and Gamers. Too many of the older generations (not me by the way), video games are a huge waste of time and money. What these same people are missing however is that everything we buy and do is being gamified or uses game like controllers and interfaces. Based […]

XBox One X – The Ultimate Immersive Technology To Transport Player To Another Dimension. Video games have come a long way since Super Mario Brothers and Space Invaders. Super fast graphic and sound cards and now 3D worlds have made the video game an entry into a virtual world. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality promises […]

New Advances Arriving In Smart Healthcare Applications. The modern smartphone uses an on board computer that not too long ago would be considered in the realm of supercomputers. The processing power and speeds in the modern smartphone are capable of so much more than just phone calls and internet searches. All that is need to […]

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