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I wonder, if my university had a virtual reality research Center, when I was doing my undergraduate degree, would it have changed my major? I am not sure, but VR is moving past a scientific toy or game interface, it is becoming reality.

For the longest time, the driving force behind advancements in virtual reality technology came from the gaming community. Soon however the military picked it up and researchers started to add more reality to the virtual information and augmented or mixed reality was born.

I love the term mixed reality which is Microsoft’s word for their augmented reality adventures. They always have to be different but really the terms are synonymous with a whole lot of fun. Microsoft has developed a system and content that is compatible with several manufacturers of Virtual Reality headsets.

New Study Of A Cardiac Arrest Drone. Drones are being used for all kinds of things now. Some drones are smarter than others but for sure artificial intelligence advancements will make the next generations of drones even more autonomous. If you combine the drone and video camera with a virtual reality headset you have a […]

Needed Great Virtual Reality Content. I think that many consumers are intrigued by new virtual reality devices made by companies like Oculus, Microsoft , HP and others. The prices vary from less than $100 dollars to almost $3000 for a high powered professional set. How do consumers really know which sets to purchase since in […]

It is a virtual reality revolution. Do you remember when you first put on a pair of headphones and started playing some of your favorite music? It was like you were entering another world. A world where what you heard was real and everything else was secondary. How about when you tried to talk to […]