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I wonder, if my university had a virtual reality research Center, when I was doing my undergraduate degree, would it have changed my major? I am not sure, but VR is moving past a scientific toy or game interface, it is becoming reality.

For the longest time, the driving force behind advancements in virtual reality technology came from the gaming community. Soon however the military picked it up and researchers started to add more reality to the virtual information and augmented or mixed reality was born.

I love the term mixed reality which is Microsoft’s word for their augmented reality adventures. They always have to be different but really the terms are synonymous with a whole lot of fun. Microsoft has developed a system and content that is compatible with several manufacturers of Virtual Reality headsets.

New Study Of A Cardiac Arrest Drone. Drones are being used for all kinds of things now. Some drones are smarter than others but for sure artificial intelligence advancements will make the next generations of drones even more autonomous. If you combine the drone and video camera with a virtual reality headset you have a […]

Needed Great Virtual Reality Content. I think that many consumers are intrigued by new virtual reality devices made by companies like Oculus, Microsoft , HP and others. The prices vary from less than $100 dollars to almost $3000 for a high powered professional set. How do consumers really know which sets to purchase since in […]

It is a virtual reality revolution. Do you remember when you first put on a pair of headphones and started playing some of your favorite music? It was like you were entering another world. A world where what you heard was real and everything else was secondary. How about when you tried to talk to […]

New HP Z VR Backpack – Wearable VR PC This is a bit of a surprise!  When most virtual reality systems developers are working to design headsets or glasses to be smaller, lighter, faster and have amazing graphics, one major player has gone the other way. HP has just released a wearable backpack virtual reality […]

New Drone Edition Smart Glasses Taking Drones and VR To A New High! When the virtual world meets the real world things start to get really interesting. When it virtual reality meeting modern drone technology it is bound to something amazing and fun.Sure military drone pilots do it all the time right, here we are […]

The Latest Military Augmented Reality Systems Research from BAE. Mixed reality or augmented reality technology has so many domestic and commercial applications beyond gaming and virtual sex. This especially true in the military.  The technology we see available to consumers from companies like Oculus and Microsoft’s Hololens is also being incorporated into helmet designs for […]

Investigating Quantum Computer Components. There is no doubt that quantum physics is a very weird science. Often when we watch science fiction movies or read Scify books we see futuristic things and come away saying interesting concept but really not based in reality. When it comes to the workings of the quantum world, you really […]

We Are In The Age Of The Virtual World. Virtual reality, augmented reality or the Microsoft version they call mixed reality technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Soon consumers will be searching the web and brick & mortar stores like Best Buy for the best deals on VR headsets and google glasses.

At the annual Business Council of British Columbia’s Business Summit earlier in November of this year, Microsoft President Brad Smith announced Microsoft Vancouver will create an additional 50 new jobs in the mixed-reality market in support of British Columbia’s growing tech ecosystem.

Unmanned aircraft manned with video gamers. Video gamers have embraced fast computers and virtual reality long before most consumers. Gamers spend their cash on custom built computers with super-fast video cards that can react and spin graphics in 3 dimensions. Gamers were the first to use virtual reality headsets to go deeper into the gaming […]

Virtual Reality Holograms – The stuff of Science Fiction. Holograms used to be the stuff of science fiction but like artificial intelligence it is become real science really quickly. Virtual reality glasses and headsets may be the new cell phones of tomorrow but they are here today. 3d objects in a VR world allows reality […]

Augmented reality or AR for short can be defined as a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, haptics or GPS data. As for the definition of Haptics? It is the science of applying touch or tactile […]

Stanford Virtual Reality Symposium. Virtual reality technology has matured to the point where it is ready for some real world applications. Science fiction has led the science again in this case and VR headsets are now a hot new item that eventually may replace or for sure change smart phones into something else.

3D Virtual Reality Creations Can Make You Money! It does seem that virtual reality hardware in the form of headsets and fast processors has arrived before there is a lot of content to choose from. I know for myself, I am still investigating what there is out there that I can use as an excuse […]