A Flying Robotic Bat

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Is This Robotic Bat The Next Super Hero?

Some of the best robots mimic real animals. How about a bat? Would that be good as a robot? Sure I mean we all love Batman right so why not Bat Bot!

Bat Bot Robot tech

Bat Bot Robot tech

That is exactly what researchers have done using some very high tech materials,micro-electronics and some fancy software. The end result is a flying bat that in motion looks exactly like a bat. Remember bats do not have eyes as we do, but rather use a sophisticated form or sonar to map the world around them.

Advanced robot bat can fly like a real bat

Advanced robot bat can fly like a real bat


Using a custom-made silicon skin and articulated morphing wings, Soon-Jo Chung and researchers from UIUC created Bat Bot (B2), an autonomous flying robot that mimics the flight characteristics of real bats.

Brushless DC motors give the bat the power to fly

Brush-less DC motors give the robotic bat the power to fly

So how could make improvements to this? How about we add artificial intelligence and the ability to travel completely on it’s own. Imagine a robot bat that only comes out a night ( maybe with LED eyes?) and recharges itself during the day using sunlight! What purpose would they serve? In the ecosystem bats are pretty good at eating bugs and mosquitoes what can a robo-bat do? I am thinking surveillance and protection. They could fly around a property or city at night and report any criminal activity. Wow this is a lot like what Batman does!

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