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New To The Robot Business.

When you think of home appliances you probably think of refrigerators, microwaves and irons, etc. So what if you connect all of these rather mundane things to the internet and give them some level of intelligence? This is for sure the latest trend in the home appliance industry.

The other trend that is maybe going unnoticed by many is that the appliance industry is getting into the robot business. Just last year Chinese appliance giant Midea acquired the huge German industrial robot maker Kuka. Why would they want to get into industrial robots? I am sure it is not only to make autonomous robot launch pads for drones ( really they are, see the picture below).


The-NanoQuad-MAV-equipped-with-a-down-looking-camera-and-an-on board-computer

The answer to this becomes clear when you see what South Korean Appliance giant LG is up to. LG is developing a complete line of domestic and commercial robots. Robots aimed not just at the kitchen of home owners but airports and businesses. In the kitchen they are offering a robot that using artificial intelligence programming can suggest recipes, control the heating and ventilation, lighting and of course your internet connected appliances.

LG announces 3 new service robots

LG announces 3 new service robots as they enter the robot business

For the airport they are offering a robot that can give directions, check you into your flight and carry you bag to your gate.For the restaurant they are developing a robot that can take your order and bring you food to you.

Kuka and their new owners are obviously heading into the same robot arena as LG is targeting. Take a look at this robot serving a beer.

Kuka robot pouring a beer

Kuka robot pouring a beer

So far, you cannot buy these robots on Amazon ( we checked ) except for their robot vacuum cleaner, but soon these robots will be helping us at home and replacing hundreds of thousands of workers in the service industry. Food for thought………..

Following the introduction of its commercial robots in 2017, LG Electronics (LG) announced the unveiling of three new work robots at CES® 2018, which opens Jan. 9 in Las Vegas.

The new concepts, specifically developed for commercial use at hotels, airports and supermarkets,reflect LG’s commitment to expanding its position as the leader in development of products utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) through deep learning

Under LG’s new “CLOi” robot brand, the CLOi serving robot, CLOi porter robot and CLOi shopping cart robot follow in the footsteps of the CLOi airport guide robot and the CLOi airport cleaning robot. The airport robots are already deployed in a trial at
South Korea’s Incheon International Airport, and they will take on the thousands of visitors that travel through Seoul on their way to Pyeongchang.

Also part of the expanding CLOi family are the CLOi lawn mowing robot and the affable CLOi hub robot, which recently participated in a trial at one of Korea’s largest financial institutions by providing information and servicing customers at the bank’s branches.

LG Welcomes Three New Robots to the CLOi Family

  1. The CLOi serving robot will deliver food and beverage to guests of hotels and
    visitors to airport lounges quickly and efficiently. With a built-in sliding tray,
    consumers will experience intuitive interaction with the robot fleet. When the
    delivery is confirmed, the serving robot will make it way back to the kitchen independently.
  2. The CLOi porter robot will help minimize inconvenience for travelers by reducing
    slow service and long wait times. This robot can also facilitate express
    check-in and check-out service by handling payment and delivering luggage to a
    waiting vehicle in a fraction of the time.
  3. The CLOi shopping cart robot includes a barcode reader that customers can use
    to scan items and view product prices as they’re placed within the robot’s bin.
    The robot’s “face” will also display all items on the shopping list and through a
    smartphone app will guide the consumer through the store via the most efficient

LG’s CLOi robots are being developed in parallel with LG ThinQ, the company’s AI brand for consumer electronics and home appliances. Both CLOi and ThinQ are designed to take advantage of LG’s DeepThinQ deep learning technology, delivering both
emotional interaction and innovative convenience.

As an important part of our future growth engine, LG is committed to expanding its portfolio of robots that can deliver real convenience and innovation in our customers’ lives.

said Ryu Hye-jung, head of the smart solution business division for LG’s Home
Appliance & Air Solutions Company.

We will continue to develop a wide range of products across commercial and home robots while seeking new opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the robotics industry.

Source LG

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