Artificial Intelligence Science Is Changing Everything

Today for companies like Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and Google, web search and advertising are all pretty much powered by artificial intelligence programs. A.I. engineers are in great demand and the really talented artificial intelligence science programmers are demanding unheard of salaries in the engineering world.

Today consumer loan decisions are made mostly by A.I. programs as are logistic routes for delivery services. We are starting to see A.I. being used in other industries as well, with fin-tech ( financial technology) and healthcare.

The plan to add connectivity to the internet to pretty much every electronic or electric device, known as the Internet of Things ( Io T) is giving way to the internet of intelligent things. Just connecting and reporting data is just the first step it distributed intelligence in devices.

If we look back about 100 years to the advent of electricity, we see how a single change to our technology has transformed society. Without electricity we would not have the lifestyle or life span that we enjoy today in the western world. So how will the A.I. revolution change our world and impact each of us and generations to come?

The cover picture on this article is actually from Stanford, where researchers are using A.I. to explore the universe through the analysis of gravity waves. Imagine what we may learn!



Really this movement must come with an honest projection not just of cyber-security which is already pushing a trillion dollar a year industry, but also to society as a whole. Great paying jobs and careers are for sure on the way with A.I. but what does it mean for more automatable tasks such as taxi,bus and truck drivers. Or accountants, lawyers and accountants. ( I left out engineers on purpose at it hits too close to home…)?

Baidu chief scientist, Coursera co-founder, and Stanford adjunct professor Andrew Ng spoke at the Stanford MSx Future Forum. The Future Forum is a discussion series that explores the trends that are changing the future.

During his talk, Professor Ng discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industry after industry.

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Artificial Intelligence Science Is Changing Everything

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