Artificial Intelligence World Forum 2017

Artificial Intelligence World Forum.

For those readers that are really dying to get their A.I. fix there is a conference planned for November 27 – 29th of this year is Toronto Canada. There will be guest speakers from NASA and Transpod Hyperloop as well as China’s own Uber.

The Digital Finance Institute, a leading think tank in financial innovation and technology, is holding the AI World Forum conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning

Ellis Odynn who is Digital Finance Institute’s Chief AI Officer commented on the event:

We are thrilled to be presenting international thought leaders in artificial intelligence and machine learning at the AI World Forum.. We are excited to have attracted global leaders to Toronto in AI and to host an inclusive event, opening our doors to deliver AI for everybody so that Canada can continue its path of AI leadership in all sectors.

The AI World Forum is a 2-day educational innovation conference that brings together global thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to advance the dialogue on the AI revolution.

The AI World Forum explores leadership trends in Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Infrastructure, Health Care, Cyber-Security, Self-Driving Cars, Chatbots, Law & Ethics, Banking, Defence, Food Security and Diversity in AI and its impacts on the global economy.


Networking cocktail party on November 27, 2017, from 5pm – 7pm for registered attendees and sponsors of the AI World Forum.

Register here for the Artificial Intelligence World Forum 2017

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Artificial Intelligence World Forum 2017

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