Experimental Quantum Computing At IBM

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Experimental Quantum computing technology has reached an inflection point where it is moving from the realm of science fiction to science fact. Computers based on quantum technology are expected to be orders of magnitude faster than even the fastest parallel processing super computer of today.

This speed when coupled with advanced artificial intelligence programs should allow researchers to tackle some of the world’s greatest problems. It also likely to cause some new problems in the area of cyber-security and cyber-currencies markets ( just check what is happening with BitCoin ). Never the less, more than one giant computer and information company has announced that they are building prototypes. IBM is one of these companies.

In May of 2017, IBM announced their intention to build a commercial quantum computer and by November that has a working prototype. IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science.

IBM quantum computer prototype looks like nothing we would recognize

IBM 50Q System: An IBM cryostat wired for a 50 qubit system for an experimental quantum computing project


We have become somewhat familiar with computer specifications such as memory and hard drive and cpu speeds so be prepared that quantum computer specifications may look more than a little strange.( quantum physics joke..). Luckily it will still be a few years before we can try to order a quantum computer off of Amazon or Alibaba.

The IBM prototype features a 50 qubit processor, a 20 qubit processor online for client use, expanded QISKit developer tools, and new resources for the IBM Q Experience.

The 20-qubit machine has double the coherence time, at an average of 90 µs, compared to previous generations of quantum processors with an average of 50 µs. It is also designed to scale; the 50-qubit prototype has similar performance.

How a working quantum computer functions

How a working quantum computer functions – IBM experimental quantum computing science

Why Build A Quantum Computer?

Leading Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and research labs are joining IBM Q Network to explore practical applications of quantum computing for business and science. The IBM Q Network provides organizations with quantum expertise, resources, and cloud-based access to the most advanced quantum systems.

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