Future A.I. Wars And The Battle For Cyber Space

Today’s Cyber War and Future A.I. Wars.

Today around the world the combined losses to cyber attacks in 2016 was $3488 per second. Yes you read that right. This is according to one of the leading experts in cyber-security. If you multiply this out it comes to $100 billion per year! This is real evidence that our current system for cyber security is not working and we need a new approach.

Artificial intelligence ( A.I.) offers this new approach, allowing systems to be able to learn what the behaviors of hackers look like instead of a verification of a code that can be replicated or faked. For example, an AI system could learn to recognize how a particular hacker types messages, the speed and force used on a keyboard could become an electronic signature. Azi predicts that within a few years we will see A.I. systems being used to protect cyber assets. So is this then the answer to cyber crime forever?

The truth is that if an A.I. entity can detect a human then a different A.I. program can find away around it. This sounds a lot like A.I. wars with no real end in sight. So how then can we protect against cyber attacks?

Virtual Reality To The Rescue?

Virtual reality offers the ability to create a new virtual world, one in which even access to digital accounts must be done in three dimensional space. For example your bank account access could be represented by a virtual locked door in a virtual locked vault. The vault room and the door to your account could be replicated a million times over ( with slight differences ) and only by providing the correct combination to the right vault room and the correct password to the right door would access be granted.

It will only be a matter of time before artificial intelligence enters the virtual world and multiple A.I. ninja-like multiple will be able to quickly find the right door to open to access your account, and the cyber war will move to the next level. Azi predicts that the next level beyond the virtual vaults protection will be to constantly move the correct vault? Are you starting to see a pattern here? For every action that we take to protect our cyber assets there will be an equal action to defeat it.  He predicts that by 2037 for every dollar spent on innovation there will be at least one dollar spent on protecting it.

If we add to this the fact that governments around the world are pouring money into creating cyber attack systems to be able do things like take a nuclear reactor off-line remotely instead of bombing it or sending in soldiers ( robot soldiers? ) and well as cyber defense systems we can see that we are already in the middle of a huge cyber war.

The war of the next 20 years will be a computer war, and unfortunately we are the collateral damage.” Is there really a way to stop computer crime?

I would say that there was one technological trend that was missing from his future analysis and that is the rise of quantum computing. Quantum computing is predicted to be able provide computers that can work at speeds in excess of 100 million times the speed of the laptop that I writing this on!

The D-Wave 2000Q Quantum Computer

The D-Wave 2000Q Quantum Computer – A factor in future A.I. wars?

Today’s binary bit oriented computers have only 2 states represented as 1 or zero that are the basis for all processor calculations. In a quantum computer there are possibly unlimited number of states that can all occur at the same time. Processing takes place not one at a time but simultaneously. The weird world of quantum physics predicts that a quantum computer would analyze all possible solutions to a problem at the same time and choose the right one.

If we consider current progress and research dollars going towards developing real quantum computers and also quantum information security systems does this make the all out and escalating cyber war prediction right or wrong?

Is there a way to avoid this madness of future A.I. Wars?

According to Azi Cohen, cybersecurity expert,

This will not be possible from a technical point of view: for any artificial intelligence capable of stifling new cyber attacks, there will always be one able to fight it. How to therefore fight this war of the future? With the law as an ally and above all the governments that can enforce it.

This does not paint a very good picture for the regular person as governments tend to keep their cyber weapons secret. Just recently the US NSA was hacked and all of their latest offensive cyber tools ( weapons ) were exposed to the world. Worse yet they were given to the world to use. This is all pushing us in the direction of future A.I. wars.

Picture credit UK Cyber Security Centre.

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Future A.I. Wars And The Battle For Cyber Space


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