Mip – Not A Toy Robot?

A Toy Robot Would Be For Kids Right?

It is said that science mirrors science fiction. For sure this is true when you are talking about artificial intelligence and robot science. It could also be said that when it comes to robot designs, commercial robots mirror the latest toy robots. As designers start pushing the envelope for domestic robots we are seeing robot chefs and kitchen robots, vacuums and who knows what is next.

When it comes to toys there a few companies out there that are incorporating cutting edge science and engineering into some super fun toys. Actually I hesitate to call some of these, toys as I am considering buying one for myself – to play with. OK it is a toy…

A toy robot that uses AI

A toy robot that uses AI

Anyways we have found one that we really like. It is able to interpret hand motions and gestures, carry loads and follow commands to bring you a drink ( a beer?).  It connects via Bluetooth ( everything is better with Bluetooth right?) so there are apps that you can download to interact and control it.

I am really interested in the technology behind the immersive personality – sounds like A.I. to me. You can feed it different moods so that should be fun. I like the gyroscope balancing system that is a major engineering feat so there are more than enough cool features for this robot to make me feel that it is not just a toy.

I will do an update after I try it since I seemed to have talked myself into it.

You have to wonder what new level of cutting edge AI technology will we start to see in toy design. How about voice recognition or the ability to speak ( talk back). Already a robot toy like this one would have been science fiction less than a decade ago.

Here was the original TV commercial video to the WowWee MiP the toy robot. I like the black color as it reminds me of that little alien in bugs bunny.

So if you do decide to buy one of these WowWee MiP not a robots, here is a link that makes some money for us so we keep this evolving website going. Have fun!

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Mip – Not A Toy Robot?

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